Bred my stepson by destiny byron


Published: September 8th 2012



Bred  by  my stepson by destiny byron

Bred by my stepson by destiny byron
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Sofia’s biological clock is ticking. She wants to have a baby and she wants to have it now. Unfortunately her attempts with her new husband Phil have been fruitless, but when she catches her stepson Dean in a compromising position he presents her with a solution to her problem...WARNING this 4,000+ word taboo erotica story is for mature audiences only. It contains explicit sex.Extract:For a moment there was panic in his blue eyes, but he then gave a sly smile as he took in his stepmother’s body.

A long tense minute ticked by as the two stood in silence. Dean spoke first.“Enjoying the show?” He asked. He reached for his cigar and relit it. He sucked down the smoke.Sofia felt the blush rise up her body, her cheeks reddening in embarrassment.“I don’t know what you mean?” She replied. She wanted the earth to open and swallow her up now before she died from embarrassment.Dean chuckled, adapting quickly. “You’re thighs are slick with your **** honey,” he said, his lewd words cutting through her like a knife.“It’s not what you think,” she said, suddenly on the defensive.

“It was you who was masturbating to me. I heard you cry my name.”Dean laughed at this. “There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve always thought you were sexy. Dad has good taste in women.”“It’s incest.” Sofia cried, but Dean laughed again.“You’ve only been married for three years.

It’s not like you’re my real mom.”Sofia’s heart beat in her chest. She found herself agreeing with her stepson. After all if it hadn’t been for Phil they would be complete strangers. Dean stood up, and Sofia couldn’t help but stare at her young stepson’s ****.

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